Easter Sunday Is … So Empty

Empty! So many situations and experiences in life leave us feeling empty. Sin is ugly. It wreaks havoc in our lives.

Psst … That’s why you’re invited to Apostles on Easter Sunday!

Only one answer, only one Savior, can provide meaning and hope to the emptiness of life. That’s Jesus—who walked out of his own grave victorious over sin and death. He leaves us with that empty feeling where the power of death is empty, the dread of punishment is empty, and our own tombs are empty because he left his tomb EMPTY!

Join us Sunday, April 16th, at Apostles Lutheran Church located in Dardenne Prairie at 2600 Bates Road. We’ll have the following:

Please join us Sunday for the highlight of the Christian year: the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection on Easter! He dries our tears, he calms our fears, he breaks our grief, he gives us rest and release. How? He destroyed the grip of death. He gives life to everybody! Invite your friends and family to Apostles to share our joy! We will rejoice and sing our Savior’s praises in a special Easter Festival Worship service at 10:00 a.m. on April 16. The theme of the service is: Return And See The Tomb Empty!

After our worship service, everyone is invited to remain after for an Easter brunch. If you have any other questions about Easter Sunday, feel free to speak to Pastor Seth.

Easter Festival Service, 10:00
Easter Brunch, 11:10 -ish
Lamb and Bunny Petting and Egg Hunt, 11:30 -ish