We hold our Sunday worship service at 10:00 a.m. weekly.

Additionally we (often, not always!) have a 5:00 Saturday evening service many weeks throughout the year. Call ahead and ask if you’re unsure (636)698-8039.

You are very welcome to join us for any and all of these worship times!

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God’s Service 

Here at Apostles, we believe that, in worship services, God serves us. We gather around his Word, sing songs of praise, pour out our hearts and our faults, and he takes our wrongdoings away. “Lord, have mercy,” is what honest people say to a perfect God.

We know that God does have mercy. We find so many blessings in the promises of God. We are filled with joy! Christians are optimists. We are optimists not because we expect this world to get better, or because we have faith in humanity, positivity, or any cult of personality. We are optimists because our God has overcome the world. He has sent his Son to destroy death. Our faith in Jesus connects us to God, and Jesus gives us his record of perfection to approve us in God’s sight.

We rejoice in the Lord always, even when the going is tough. 

We know church has hurt people and can feel like a damaging, cold place to be. But we believe that is because of human treatments and human faults, not God’s. We trust God to serve us with his Word and sacraments and keep watch over us and guard us. We trust God to fill our hearts with peace, joy, and love. We hope without any doubt in a heavenly reward, because Jesus didn’t go to the cross of punishment for nothing. He did it to save us forever.

So we hope you will join us! We hope you feel welcome to be with us. We want you to come to any and all of our church services. We know God will give you things here at Apostles. He promised!

Salvation Is No-Strings-Attached, Free, For Nothing, No Cost At All 

One thing that sets the Lutheran church apart is our faith alone in Jesus. Because of Jesus, God delivers us without any works on our part. Salvation is no-strings-attached, free, for nothing, no cost at all. For the last 500 years, we have boiled that free salvation down to a handful of “alone” sayings:

By Grace Alone – God gives us salvation by grace, freely.

By Scripture Alone – The Bible is God’s Word and is enough to learn salvation.

By Faith Alone – Our faith in Jesus, not our good works or deeds, make us pleasing to God.

We can’t even desire God in our natural state — which happens to be a sorry, sinful state. But God has given faith into our hearts to connect us to him. So we do not depend on our actions for God’s love. We do not compare ourselves to others; we do not imagine the road to heaven might be like a stairway or ladder that we climb; and we don’t think that we can balance our good works against our bad works. All that is works-based, not grace alone or faith alone. Otherwise, we would be in deep trouble, never sure if God hated us or loved us.

God is love. He wants us to be sure of his salvation, his blessings, and heaven. That is faith — being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

Still, it is our desire to behave and do good works and contribute to our community in a positive way. We don’t take free salvation for granted. We use it to share God’s goodness and to love what Jesus loves — people, kindness, hope, helping, and saving people.

The Biggest Problem – Death

They say, “There are no atheists in foxholes.” That means if one is faced with death and surrounded by destruction, it’s natural to desire and need God. Unfortunately, most people are “whistling in the dark,” that is, living as if there are no problems that put us at death’s final door. That’s a game of pretend. But we believe God has an answer.

You have probably heard of the story of Lazarus. He was a friend of Jesus who died. But Jesus came and used his power to raise Lazarus from the dead.

Even before Lazarus died, Jesus had heard he was sick. At that time, Jesus said, “This sickness will not end in death.”

The Only Solution – Eternal Life 

Whatever disease, challenge, or problem there is in your life, we are happy to say it doesn’t end in death. Don’t forget, Jesus was a man who was placed on a cross, an instrument of torture, just to die. We believe in one who seemed to lose to death, but then who rose from the dead. So we believe in one who was perfect, who died innocently, and who has broken the pattern of death for all sinners.

Jesus gives new life, eternal life, rest from sadness, relief from discomfort, and a relationship with him forever. We love him, and we want you to love him, too. He has given so much for you! Don’t miss out on his wonderful blessings. And we will build our lives on him together.

Join us!