Bible Studies and Fellowship

The health of a congregation is often linked to the number of people who are growing spiritually through studying the Bible. At Apostles, students of all ages have opportunities to be nurtured in their faith as the Holy Spirit works through God’s Word. During the month of September, our full slate of Bible studies resume. If you have questions about any of the Bible-based offerings, contact Pastor. Please find a place (or more than one) where your faith can be strengthened in your Savior Jesus! Check out the details of some of these opportunities described under their own heading:

Sunday School
Sunday School is open to member and nonmember children between the age of 3 and those entering fifth grade.
Adult Bible Hour
Adult Bible Hour is also at 9:00 AM (while your children are at Sunday School). We are in a series on “Other Religions,” a study of non-Lutheran groups.
REAL Life is the name for Apostles’ teen forum for students in grades six through twelve that helps youth apply their Christian faith to real life experiences. The REAL acronym stands for “Relationships, Equipping, Attitude, Leadership”—all attributes that are important in life, especially as a Christian.

The support of parents, grandparents and fellow members is needed to make this group a blessing to all involved. Check your weekly bulletins and newsletter for the monthly activities and make it a must-do part of your calendar. This also goes for Sunday Bible study. Spiritual growth need not take time out from Sunday School and Catechism until we get older. The faith foundations that have been established are to continue to be built on the Rock of our salvation! Students, come to learn more about our Savior and his Word. Parents and friends, please encourage our youth to grow in their love and appreciation for God’s blessings in their lives!

Midweek Bible Study

More info on this session soon!

Please join us for this time of spiritual growth and better understanding of God’s will for our lives on earth and the eternal life that belongs to us through faith in Christ!

Catechism Class
Apostles offers Christian training for students in sixth grade or older who desire to become communicant members. Students learn basic Bible teachings that are guided by Luther’s Small Catechism. This year the students are using the blue catechism and diagram sheets as a Bible study guide. Classes started up again on January 8th. If you want more information, please contact Pastor today. Please pray that the Holy Spirit strengthens the faith of our young people as they continue to grow in his Word!
Bible Information Classes
Pastor Bode conducts regular Bible information Classes (BIC) that teach Bible basics to adults and high school teens. If you know of anyone interested, Pastor will accommodate any household schedule.
Ask The Pastor
In an effort to encourage more participation in what is being presented and therefore increase attendance and conversation in religious discussion, some Sunday morning Adult Bible Hours will return to a series called “Ask the Pastor.” Pastor Bode is seeking your questions about Biblical information and practical applications. This can have to do with worship, our church body practices, how do we differ from other church bodies, how we deal with issues in society…just about anything that you may be curious about but never asked.

Bring those questions (your name WILL NOT be attached to the question) and drop them in the church-shaped box in the lobby. The weekend email on Friday will include our question (or questions) so you can think about it in advance and perhaps invite others to join us. This will also give Pastor the opportunity to prepare and give you the most appropriate and correct answers based on God’s Word. May this be an opportunity for all of us to grow in the Word and appreciation for God’s will in our lives!