Pastor Seth and Ellie Bode

Pastor Seth and Ellie Bode

Pastor Seth Bode was called to serve Apostles and welcomed as Pastor beginning in July, 2013. Following is a message  from Pastor Bode:

I graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in 2011 and was assigned to serve as an instructor in religion and physical education at Great Plains Lutheran High School (GPLHS) in Watertown, SD. At that time I was ordained as a pastor in the WELS. I also supervised the dormitory, coached football, and directed the children’s theater program. After two years with the title of “Tutor” at GPLHS, I was eligible to receive another assignment this year.

Elizabeth, a.k.a. Ellie, was born in San Jose. Her family soon moved and she grew up in a village called Whitefish Bay, just north of Milwaukee, WI. Her dad was a pastor and she was instructed in confirmation at Divinity-Divine Charity Lutheran Church as well as North Trinity Lutheran School in Milwaukee. From early on, Ellie was interested in piano and loves to perform in collaboration with singers. She has also taught piano students of many different ages and has accompanied high school concerts, ballet practices, and an opera or two. In May 2012, Ellie graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee with a degree in collaborative performance in piano.

Ellie and I were married on June 30th and have been enjoying it so much! We arrived the afternoon of Sunday the 14th of July and have been settling in these past weeks. We have felt very welcome among you, filled with Christian love, as we become acquainted. We can’t begin to thank you enough, but we will try! Ladies, feel free to ask us how we met and the rest of our God-given relationship that led to marriage this past summer.

As we begin our work together, I want you to know that I am privileged and humbled to be your spiritual shepherd, and I plan on saying many prayers on your behalf. Feel free to bring me any questions, concerns, or any guidance in what my prayers for you should include. First Peter 5:2 tells us pastors, “Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care, watching over them—not because you must, but because you are willing,” and I can’t wait!

Pastor Seth D. Bode


This is Pastor Seth and Ellie after their wedding this past June!


Pastor Wayne Shevey was called to begin a Mission congregation in St. Charles County in 1999, he faithfully served as the first Pastor of Apostles until accepting a call to serve Wisconsin Lutheran College in June 2013.